An incomprehensible beast attacked a man with a dog inthe forest

We offer you a video shot back in 2015,
however, his way to the video hosting site YouТube was complicated by the fact that
it is still unknown where this happened and who was the author of this

It should be emphasized that the quality of the video is not so hot, however
experts, having analyzed the details of the video, argue

Оператор с видеокамерой гулял в the forest и с ним была собака. AT
some moment a man was attracted by a strange animal that
it seemed among the trees, and the operator, like every normal
a man with peculiar curiosity and a thirst for sensation, became
to shoot a forest beast, despite the obvious danger of such a close
the presence of a large predator. Moreover, it is a creature of the dark
colors, if you look closely, constantly changing its shape,
turning into a wolf, then into a boar, then into a horse. AT конце концов этот
creepy werewolf rushes at the dog. The owner is trying to ward off
the beast cries, but then, apparently, he understands (you hear the squeal of a dog,
which caught the forest predator), that it is better to carry off the legs, throws
the camera (or inadvertently drops it) and … At this, the recording ends.
The fate of the dog and its owner is unknown.

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