An incomprehensible circle on the field has appeared now andOf Russia

Recently, we have repeatedly written that now
The world is witnessing a true “crop circle invasion.”
Mysterious drawings on farmers’ crops appear in many countries.
мира, и теперь очередь, судя по всему, дошла до Of Russia.

On Thursday, June 21, the next alleged “masterpiece
aliens “was spotted in the Gulkevichsky district of Krasnodar
the edges. The image consists of eight circles of different diameter, in
four of which are inscribed with other circles. Anomaly right away
interested representatives of the international
Research Association “Kosmopoisk.” The members
an organization dedicated to the study of various supernatural
phenomena, will try to find out who and why created it in the Kuban
amazing art.

Italian crop maker and his new drawing

But the Italian engineer Francesco Grassi since 2011, when he
created his first wheat crop in Poirino,
proves that crop circles are the work of talented and witty
artists. And although Francesco kept the principle itself a secret and
the mechanism for creating these mysterious circles, his “field art”
together with the book of “sociological observations” of a similar phenomenon,
made the Italian quite famous person.

A few days ago, Grassi presented crop circle researchers, as well as
all Internet users (see the video below), your new
masterpiece. Two kilometers from the village of Virle he and his 20 assistants
created over the night drawing, the size of approximately 2 football
fields in a wheat field that the farmer kindly gave them
Giuseppe Caretta.

Grassi and this time did not reveal the secret method of his
art, saying only that the most important tool in this matter
is a thorough preparation (for this masterpiece his supposedly team
preparing the year), performers feet and technique that he
borrowed from the English, studying their magical rituals in a circle during
prayer time.

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