An incomprehensible creature scared the British

A mysterious creature that looks like some ridiculous hybrid of a worm and
rats, or on the cob of corn that came to life, scared a resident
the English city of Southampton. Becks Dean claims that
discovered a 13-centimeter thing on the threshold of her house and came to
real shock.

The woman, however, did not fail to capture the bizarre
creating a smartphone on camera. British published video quickly
scattered across the world wide web, forcing web users
scratch in disbelief of the head.

Many Internet regulars have come up with various theories.
regarding the nature of this strange creature:

  • some say that before us is an alien creature that could
    get out of the alien ship, as, incidentally, specifically
    abandoned on Earth (for what purposes – we do not understand);
  • according to others, we are talking about a disgusting mutant. In our
    the age of atomic reactors such an creature can arise, for example, on
    any nuclear power plant, and then run free;
  • still others believe that this is the larva of hoverflies, but cannot
    explain why it has such a large size (maybe gigantism
    to blame).

According to Becks Dean, she picked up the “Rat Rat” with the help of
a dustbin and carried to the nearest grove. Englishwoman is not too
believes in the supernatural or extraterrestrial origin of the creature,
however, it recognizes that this creature produced on her very
unpleasant impression. For this reason, our heroine could not
allow the intruder to stay at home, but also kill him at
she didn’t have the heart: both pity and even a little scary …

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