An independent researcher found anothermysterious detail in the pictures Dyatlova tour group

Russian paranormal investigator Valentin
Degterev made another fantastic discovery, considering
pictures of the Dyatlov tour group. The researcher has already written before that
the shamans of the Mansi people may be responsible for the death of 9 Soviet
travelers under the guidance of Igor Dyatlov.

Say, Mount Holatchahl, where they found the bodies of the dead in the strange
the circumstances of the students, is sacred to the voguls.
Mansians, being pagans, since ancient times have been conducting magical here
rites, communicating with their spirits and deities. Degterev
suggests that notorious tourists broke the taboo,
being in this place, for which he paid with their lives. Now
Valentine discovered a new part that indirectly confirms his
the words.

On one of the frames made by dyatlovtsy on camera FED and
discovered after their death, the ufologist saw a suspicious
dark figure in the distance. She looks like a thin man with
hood on his head. Could this be a servant of the ancient Mansi
cult who did not like the presence on its territory

Many World Wide Web users find this,
definitely an interesting find that if not sheds light on
tragedy completely, then gives another clue in understanding what
happened here almost sixty years ago. Meanwhile skeptics
argue that it is a paradolic illusion, and for
таинственное лицо Degterev принимает ветку. One way or another, but
discovery Nizhny Tagil researcher interested in many
network regulars.

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