An interesting UFO hit the camera nightvisions

A resident of the US state of Ohio recently shot a night camera
visions необычный НЛО. The American returned that late evening
home from work, and since he was in the hands of a “video toy”
Yes, and IC, as he himself put it, he decided to remove something
interesting from the life of the night city.

However, starting to shoot and gradually fascinated by this matter, the operator
at some point he lifted the camera a little higher, and into it, perfectly
accidentally, hit an amazing UFO, very similar to ships
aliens from hollywood fantasy movies. That’s how
characterized by an eyewitness himself:

Alien apparatus flew completely silently and very
smoothly, as if walking, like me, only not around the city, but above
by him. He gave off a slight radiance of a reddish tint, and from him
it was hard to look away. At first I was even scared of something,
since he was alone on a deserted street, but then he got carried away shooting and
I didn’t even notice how a UFO rushed off at high speed, or
just melted in the air.

And although today there are few who will surprise a UFO, the material is of good quality
always attracts attention. Only here is the paradox:
poor quality video Internet users annoying
(really, that in our time there is no good video equipment?), but
quality – alarming (and not fake?), so it turns out that
enjoy these videos a person who is fond of ufology,
can not, especially since professionals argue that only
5 percent of UFO videos posted on the Internet are real,
the rest is all fake.

See and judge for yourself …

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