An island in Indonesia turned out to be amazing.treasury of prehistoric art

Surprisingly, until today, Kisar Island in Indonesia,
located north of East Timor, did not cause the world
archaeologists of any interest. Therefore, you can imagine
how amazed were the scientists when they found the whole
treasury of prehistoric art, which has no analogues
the planet.

Professor Sue O’Connor and her colleagues didn’t believe their eyes
when dozens of rock paintings with images were discovered here
people, animals, water, boats, weapons, musical instruments and
various mysterious characters, the value of which the researchers still
to be found.

For several millennia, Kisar was
the southeast asian heart of the spice trade and one of
cradles of human civilization. New discovery talks about
The close historical connection of this island with neighboring land areas.
It is assumed that the Austronesian peoples settled here over
3,500 years ago, bringing animals (including dogs that
also actively depicted in the drawings) and grain crops.

Rock art in such an impressive amount and excellent
State of preservation is a rarity. And soon this
a storehouse of valuable information will surely give us new discoveries.
At least that’s what Professor Sue O’Connor himself thinks so.

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