An object similar to a “flying saucer” discoveredon the map of Africa

December 2 this year on the popular ufological
The amazing UFOmania YouTube channel has appeared.

Enthusiasts studied satellite photographs of the Zambezi River in
Zimbabwe and unexpectedly discovered on one of the aerial photographs something
suspiciously reminiscent of a “flying
a plate. Geographical coordinates of an unusual find: 18 ° 04’14.8 “S
26 ° 40’35.3 “E

The length of the proposed alien spaceship is about 65
meters, height – about 30 meters.

The experts who made this discovery have no doubt
that we have a classic accident in Africa
disc-shaped ship “green men”. Skeptics say like
it’s about some kind of sandy hill, but ufologists disagree
with this. It is unlikely that the natural elevation would be ideal.
symmetrical shape, and so unusual.

Researchers write:

From a bird’s eye view, it is noticeable that the body of the fallen “saucer”
remained intact, that is, there is a high probability that in the depths
Zimbabwe is almost intact starship representatives
extraterrestrial civilization. Sorry, we can’t check
is he really still there? Maybe satellite
pictures have lost their relevance, and the ship has long disappeared from there
(taken by fellow aliens). But, most likely, it is still
on that island. This place would be worth cordon and check. Maybe,
inside the aircraft are still aliens, and they
somehow you can help.

Ufologists emphasize that there is plenty on our planet
dropped “flying saucers”, many of which are yet to be
find, therefore, virtual finds, like the current, is not so
rarity. Unfortunately, the academic world does not care, and if
worries someone (say, the military), then it all happens like
says behind the scenes, that is, outside the attention of the general public,
since about such things our media “modestly” keep quiet …

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