An old “flying saucer” photo got intoNetwork

Another intriguing material appeared in the section of the popular
resource “Reddit” dedicated to unexplained photos and videos.
The user under the pseudonym buraian7 posted a photo taken
his mother in 1980, when she was 18 years old. Mysterious frame
depicts the alleged “flying saucer”.

The author of the publication explains that his relative was traveling then
road on the border of Honduras and Guatemala. At some point she
stopped the car and left the forest to relieve a little need. There
the girl suddenly noticed among the greens a large metal disk
with a pointed turret. A similar find naturally struck
eyewitness. The girl ran to the car, took the camera and once
captured an incomprehensible object on film.

Recently, our heroine talked with her son about aliens and
inadvertently remembered that she still kept somewhere this
fantastic photo. When she found her and demonstrated
buraian7, he wished to share an amazing frame of the mother with
network users. Here is what he writes about this:

This disc (most likely, the classic “flying saucer”
aliens) was immobile and had a diameter of 25-30 meters. My mum
I was very impressed with this discovery because I never saw
before similar designs. Therefore, she filmed an unidentified
object on the camera. According to her, the UFO was so brilliant
that it was painful to look at him. The most interesting thing is that after three
the day my mother drove past this place again and decided to see
Is the disc in place? It turned out that he disappeared, putting after
only a ring of burnt grass. We are not in a hurry to say that
they were aliens, but we believe that we are obviously talking about something

Note that even for the present moment, when UFOs are shot by
the whole Earth literally every day, and not only in the photo, more often
in the video (see below), this snapshot is quite interesting. BUT
imagine what a surprise and even a certain fear he caused
18 year old girl and surrounded by her acquaintances at the time. Only
youth and unreasonableness of this age recklessness allowed
mothers buraian7 do then this photo, which today can
considered one of the greatest successes in the history of world ufology …

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