An unknown force has knocked down hundreds of century-old trees inUSA

Olympic National Park in the northwest of the US state
Washington has caught the attention of the press, scientists and specialists in the field of
supernatural phenomena after being here overnight
several hundred sturdy age-old trees are felled. Some
the trees were broken like slivers, with incredible strength.
Of course, the first rational explanation that comes to mind will be
strong wind, but local meteorologists claim that no
squalls, hurricanes and even microburst here lately
was observed.

The causes of the incident remain a mystery for scientists and
officials responsible for the park. Alternative researchers and
simple users of the World Wide Web, of course, push to where
more fantastic hypotheses than the hurricane wind which
no one actually recorded. So, some say that
Olympics materialized colossal monster from a parallel
the world that broke the trees and then went back to his
measurement According to others, the fault of the interplanetary ship
representatives of an extraterrestrial civilization, who has shot into the forest with some
energy weapon. If you believe the third, here suffered
wreck american experimental aircraft huge
sizes, and the military quickly swept up all traces, only trees
failed to recover. Or maybe this is a consequence of witchcraft
rites? ..

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