An unusual perspective turned the shark into a “laughing”face of the devil “

Residents of many parts of the world periodically notice the images of Jesus
Christ, the Virgin and other saints in the most unexpected places: on
burnt toast or wet wall, in clouds or tongues
church flame. We have repeatedly written about such cases – whether
paradolic illusions, or really some signs

However, only the divine faces are seen by people, but what about
the devil? Does anyone meet his image? It turns out that yes.
Australian diving operator “Calypso Star Charters” from
Port Lincoln has published an amazing shot in Instagram
great white shark, obtained from a very unusual angle.

A professional underwater photographer captures the fish from below and
suddenly realized that such a position relative to the observer made
cannibal shark very similar to the laughing face of the devil.
The predator’s inverted toothy mouth seemed to break into a smile, and
the muscles in the chest formed a kind of eye and nose. Wherein
ocean flipper front fins resemble horns
the wicked one.

Of course, we have an excellent example of paradolic
illusions when our brain recognizes horns in random objects
the world around us.

However, Thomas Kolbung, who accidentally made such a sinister
snapshot, can not get rid of the obsessive feeling that all this
for good reason. Perhaps it is a warning from above? No wonder
�”The face of Satan” appeared not anyhow where, but on the body of a ferocious predator,
able in an instant to have a snack a careless diver
in half.

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