An unusual picture was taken in the sky over Mexico.hologram

The video presented captures a fantastic effect.
some kind of holographic laser technology. It happened in

Early morning surveillance camera mounted on the coast
gulf, caught something unusual in the pre-dawn sky:
strange atmospheric phenomenon, or the mysterious rays of fantastic
spotlights, although all of this, as most users agreed
Internet, watched video, more like some
holographic projection.

Conspiracy therapists from among the supporters of the flat Earth immediately became
to state that such a holography proves once again that we are all
we live in a closed space, with a flat, surrounded
special screen – the dome of the sky, where periodically
turns on day and night.

A strange effect in Mexico interested and supporters of the theory,
that we all live in a matrix. In their opinion, similar failures in the program
very characteristic of the matrix, because Nature, if it were
actually surrounded us, would never give people such
strange “errors” that are characteristic only of computer

Scientists have not yet responded to such piquant news in
Internet in any way, although supporters of orthodox science usually
they try to put everything in the framework of the laws of our usual physical
world, but they do not always succeed convincingly. If they even
they themselves are not sure what they say and write, then, as a rule,
try to keep silent. Silence – gold, as the people
wisdom, and the orthodox from science, apparently, know this better than
anyone …

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