An unusual UFO appeared over the Russian-Finnishby the border

May 11 on the little-known YouTube channel “Light
Hunter “an extraordinary video appeared, made shortly before
According to the author, in the region of the border between Russia and
Finland Unusual video shows a glowing UFO, slowly
flying high in the clouds.

An unidentified object, according to an amateur operator, seemed to be burning
flame, leaving behind a bright fiery plume. However,
Obviously, this could not be a burning plane:

  • because in this case, the aircraft would obviously go to an emergency
    landing or completely collapsed down, which is not observed;
  • about such an incident would certainly have spoken in the news. And even
    if the military tried to hide something, word of mouth was reported
    this tragedy (or its echoes) would be up to the people, and this again in
    the following days did not happen.

It turns out, the author of the video concludes that the UFO is extraterrestrial
origin, or is it some kind of spatial anomaly. Generally,
Who thinks about this? Maybe someone once met
something like that? ..

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