Ancient Etruscan City – Civita diBagnoregio

This Italian city is remarkable primarily because
was laid back in ancient times when in this area
dominated by the Etruscans, well versed in all respects
�”Strong and healthy” life. Therefore, a city arose on a high hill,
from where there was a magnificent view of the surrounding area,
which created a kind of harmony between aesthetics and security.

Более того, расположение города Чивита ди Bagnoregio было удобно
and geographically, as he stood not far from
the capital of Italy. Rome and today is only two hours from here.
cars, I think, in antiquity on a horse this way was also overcome
easy and fast.

Until the XVII century, Civita flourished, but then this
the area was seriously shaken, causing the hill on which it was located
amazing city, subsided, its edges collapsed, and the buildings literally
began to slide down and fall off a cliff.

Regular collapses because of the rains completed their work, and the city
gradually began to die out. When it became clear to most of its inhabitants,
that it is simply dangerous to remain on a hill, people began to leave en masse
him reaching out to the neighboring villages. And Civita gradually became empty.
Finally, the city authorities, the head of the local church, also left
this “sinking ship”.

Якобы умирающая Чивита ди Bagnoregio живее всех живых

Однако Чивита ди Bagnoregio, как это ни покажется странным, жива
still, although it is called an extinct city, a dying city
and everything like that. But the court is already the XXI century, and here it is still
there is a rather intense flow of tourists. What are they
find in this shadow of the former luxurious life:

  • firstly, Civita is one of the brightest sights
    this region of Italy;
  • secondly, getting to Civita is not at all difficult and short-lived;
  • Finally, in this unique place you can enjoy a stroll through
    ancient “dead” city, sit in a cozy cafe, buy
    simple souvenirs and even spend the night at a local hotel.

True to the city itself will have to get on the long and narrow
pedestrian bridge (quite civilized today), but the game
as they say, it is worth the candle because outside of this small
adventures – the real Middle Ages, as if revived for your sake or
recreated by the skill of cinema. But no skill in
this case does not require – time, untouched by civilization, is itself
retained everything here in its original form. Is it even local
residents who would never want to leave the mysterious and
magnificent city on the hill.

However, it is worth noting that the hill on which Civita is located
ди Bagnoregio, продолжает сползать, оседать, то есть — разрушаться.
For this reason, if you want to spend the night in the local hotel,
then you will need to read the instructions for how to conduct them
yourself in case of unforeseen ground movement.

Such a danger exists, but it does not stop tourists,
who insist that after all the impressions that remain from
seen in the afternoon, at night in such a hotel dreams are just fabulous
dreams that take you back to the depths of ages, where you once lived in your past

Do not believe? But local guides assure that the dying
город Чивита ди Bagnoregio устремляются в первую очередь те, кто
once lived and completed the earthly journey here, and that such people are ready
overcome any distance and difficulty to go about it
fantastic location. And if after reading this sketch of
�”City of the dead” (and watching a great video about it) you also
will pull into Civita, it is quite possible that you were once an Etruscan and
lived on the peninsula in ancient times, because this
the city – almost two and a half millennia …

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