And again – chupacabra. Where did this one come frommysterious beast?

Legendary Chupacabra, periodically observed in many parts
of light, as we know, does not devour its victims, but sucks out of them
all the blood For the first time about this mysterious monster started talking in the 1950s
years in Puerto Rico, where a lot of bloodless was discovered
goats Translated from the Spanish “Chupacabra” just means
�“Sucking goats” or “goat vampire”.

Chupacabra drinks the blood of Ufa rabbits

Now the cryptoid, apparently, has appeared near Ufa. The members
gardeners association “Urshak” report that someone is attacking their
rabbits, sucking the blood out of the animals, but it does not touch
the carcasses themselves. Recently, a local resident, Dmitry Naumov, discovered that
someone killed 8 of his rabbits in this way. Predator climbed at night
in a galvanized cage and attacked the living creatures there.
The alleged chupacabra left visible bites on the necks of the animals,
but the animal carcasses remained intact.

Other local farmers also suffer from night killer livestock.
Some Ufa people lost dozens of rabbits because of him. Eyewitnesses
they say that the mysterious predator looks like a small lynx from afar,
however, its tracks are strikingly different from lynx. Biologists, to
who were asked for help by members of “Urshak”, studied the carcass
rabbits and concluded that the nature of the bites precludes an attack
a small animal like a ferret. This is confirmed by themselves
affected since the chupacabra has fantastic power
(breaks strong cages, tears metal grids) and
ingenuity (handwriting is felt in all her tricks
rational creature), not characteristic of ferrets, foxes and other
famous predators. Moreover, this mysterious beast is practically
elusive …

Where did the Chupacabra come from in our world?

Who could it really be, neither biologists, nor hunters, nor
even researchers of the paranormal with an exact answer not
can The chupacabra in this case remains the most reasonable explanation,
however, so far none of the scientists have been able to figure out the main thing:
and the chupacabra itself is what it is, where it came from and
why so subtle?

By the way, the other day on the Internet appeared information that
according to leaked closed information about the investigation so
called the “Texas incident”, the chupacabra may be mutants,
appeared due to leakage of genetic material from secret
laboratories located near El Paso where they studied
DNA lizards – baryonyks and velociraptors.

Who watched the movie “Jurassic Park” can easily
imagine these are not too big, but bloodthirsty and very smart
dinosaurs. The “virus” that escaped then was able to
transmitted by airborne droplets and sexually, and today, as
say conspiracy therapists, in the world there are quite a few people infected
this dangerous mutagen. Ultimately, such people turn into
A new species – Homo Dinosaurus. Lizardmen have a high
level of intelligence, amazing plasticity of the body,
extraordinary strength and endurance that represents a serious
threat to humanity.

By the way, the emergence of chupacabra in our world is comparable with the time
“virus” leaks from that secret American laboratory, that is
it happened just in the 50s of the last century …

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