And in the restaurant you will be served … chicken feathers insteadchicken meat

Если вам предложат в ресторане куриные перья вместо chicken meat,
even being a vegetarian, you surely refuse this dish.
Refuse even in case you are reassured by proving that the chicken
it did not hurt.

However, scientists engaged in research and development
in the field of nutrition and the creation of new foods is not so
long ago made a sensational statement: in particular the American
the company “Just” praised the creation of “chicken dish” without a single
a piece of meat. These so-called nuggets are supposedly amazing.
Yummy, as the manufacturers advertise it today, created on
based chicken feathers.

Chicken waste that is suitable only for landfills, that is, the most
its coarse feathers are crushed, some food is added to them
the additives and seasonings that the nugget makers keep secret, and
here is the output – artificial chicken meat. As they assure themselves
inventors, to distinguish it from a real chicken is difficult, but
get almost the same pleasure as well
cooked meat all beloved birds – please …

That’s what Josh’s director says.

Vegetarian nuggets will go to the network of healthy restaurants
United States about the end of the year. In addition, we are already planning
soon put into production and such a delicacy for
vegetarians, like a mindless “chicken sausage”, by the way, is also nothing
not different in taste from that made from natural poultry. This
technology is another contribution of scientists to the solution of food
problems that confront the world more and more acutely.

It’s hard to say how this innovation responded.
American patriots (a miracle created after all in America), but the Russian-speaking
The segment of the Internet considered that nothing new the nutritionists of the company
�”Just” did not come up, just seem to have been on the exchange of experience in
Russia or Ukraine, where food manufacturers have long been fed
the common people are anything but meat, sausage, milk,
not cheese, although on the shelves of grocery stores are goods with
name of the listed products, and naive buyers
assure that it is tasty and healthy food.

For example, the Ukrainian specialists of Sumy Agrarian
universities have even managed to create artificial fat based
gelatin and vegetable oil (most likely, technical
palm). And therefore nothing surprising in the discovery, they say,
There are no American food sages. Especially since all the talk
around this “invention”, for some reason, boil down mainly to taste
the merits of vegetarian nuggets, and only in passing (in the form of
names and targeting to a narrowly focused consumer) is mentioned
(hints) that their usefulness is in the absence of meat. And why
Harmfulness is silent because of the presence of all kinds of chemistry?
Indeed, not a word or a word about it, because all
covered by the impenetrable “secret” of the unique technology …

Doesn’t this remind you of a Russian fairy tale about porridge from an ax? WITH
small difference that in this case add to the “ax”
grits and not butter, and not a cheat
good-natured, resourceful soldier, and most importantly – deception is not carried out
in punishment of human greed and far from everyday
level …

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