Angel-like UFO again noticed nearThe sun

This huge angel-like object is periodically fixed.
возле The sun, вот и в этот раз уфологи усмотрели его среди
NASA materials that are posted on the Internet in the form
free access (see about this video).

Thoroughly examining fresh pictures, in which, besides the “mysterious
angels “, the researchers found near our Luminary another eight
smaller objects, ufologists made the assumption that, rather
of all, an angel-like ship is headed for the Sun in order to
recharging with energy, and all other devices are his

However, according to another version, the Sun can serve for extraterrestrial
ships a kind of portal through which they pass into their
the world and back from there to us. After all, our understanding of travel
in space while they are, figuratively speaking, at the level of the Stone Age.
Already, many scientists, especially independent of academic
dogmas and the mighty of this world, they understand that to move between
worlds can only be through the wormhole. Regular flights to
space is not just meaningless (especially over long distances),
they are also deadly to humans. With the help even
advanced modern rocket movements people can
achieve at best the planets of our star system, and no more

Что касается нашего The sun, то возле него и даже нередко в нем
(strange as it may seem) ufologists are constantly observing
some kind of movement of mysterious and very huge objects, obviously
man-made, because they are square and rectangular,
and triangular, which in nature simply does not happen. What is it no one
knows, but all this can be explained only by the presence of alien
structures and their creators. However, the mysteries of space that we
we can observe in the form of such anomalies, which are much more extensive and
are amazing. At least, those who believe the cosmos
just fun, but the real meaning of life.

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