�”Angel of Sorrow” – a monument to eternal love

Visiting Rome, stands, except for the well-known Colosseum, Sistine
the chapel, the Trevi Fountain and so on, be sure to visit
Protestant Cemetery of the Eternal City, where an amazing
monument of eternal love – “Angel of sorrow.”

This is a fantastically attractive headstone that does not leave
indifferent single person, established in 1894 by William Storey
on the grave of his wife Emelia, expressing the pain of loss and
grief for the untimely deceased beloved woman. Great poet and
the architect of Rome put his whole soul into this statue and used
all his talent as an artist and poet.

And the crying angel turned out to be alive: everyone who
once I saw this miracle, and the very sight of an amazing stone sculpture
against the background of the massive wall of the churchyard literally makes you cry
everyone …

It was the last masterpiece that the Italian genius created,
as William Story was unable to survive the pain of loss:
literally the next year, he was gone too – he left after his beloved,
so that their hearts reunite in heaven.

Therefore, the “Crying Angel” became the headstone of the Story couple,
moreover, he turned into a symbol of undying love, which
It is not given to each person during his lifetime, but for some reason about
they dream of it, almost all people strive for it. Probably because
somewhere in past lives each of us has already encountered something
like that, and therefore forever longs for this divine grace. AND
crying next to the great creation of William Story …

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