Angry goblin chased Argentineby girls

A group of teenage girls were shocked when
stumbled during a country walk on a strange creature,
ran out of the woods.

Girlfriends are convinced that it was a goblin – supernatural and evil
humanoid creature mentioned in some myths.
Such monsters are periodically noticed in many parts of the world,
however, Argentina seems to have become in recent years
a record holder in the number of meetings with such goblins.

It is known that schoolgirls walked around the village of Taco-Palt-e-Martha.
in the northwestern Argentine province of Tucuman. One of the girls
claims that she managed to capture the creature on video – you are his
can see below. According to the author, she and her friends
passed near the field when the trees seemed small
black silhouette, reminiscent of a low deformed person. Young
Argentines, who did not want to tempt fate, immediately rushed away.
On the video you can hear their frightened screams and a discussion of what happened.
Apparently, teenagers immediately came to the conclusion that they almost fell
in the hands of a terrible and treacherous goblin.

When the video leaked to the World Wide Web, it split
network regulars in two. Some users thought it was
in fact, paranormal phenomenon, that is, the video got, by
least known official science being. Other
commentators believe that it is a monkey, a sloth, or
dog Some skeptics also suggest that it was
a man in a black suit, and all the running around from the “monster” and sensational
video are a usual hoax.

However, a meeting with goblins in Argentina has long been heard.
True, every witness of such a meeting describes this mysterious
a creature for some reason differently, but to film an eerie monster
and did it for the first time.

The quality of the video, of course, is not so hot, but perhaps skeptics
diminished, researchers of the paranormal rightly say
phenomena, if the goblin removed perfectly? Remember the most famous
a film about Patterson snowman. Despite his great
quality, one hundred percent belief in the existence of yeti in the majority
there are no people anyway, and scientists still believe that Roger
Patterson and Robert Gimlin edited their film. And this despite
on numerous examinations that confirmed the authenticity of
video! What can we say about Argentine teenage girls:
they invented everything and even staged a performance …

As the famous ufologist Scott Waring once wittily observed,
tired of proving to people that aliens have long been on
Earth, modern man had to magnify not “reasonable”
(Homo sapiens), and “a man who believes in nothing.”

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