Angry indonesian spirit kuntilanak got onvideo

On one of the Asian sites dedicated to ghosts and others
сверхъестественным явлениям, появилась загадочная videoзапись. By
According to the author of the publication, on the video captured the evil spirit kuntilanak
from Indonesian folklore.

Kuntilanakami here are called female vampire spirits, and
these entities, according to local beliefs, are women
dying during childbirth or during pregnancy. Kuntilanaki
described as pale ladies with long hair dressed in
snow-white clothes. It is believed that such ghosts lie in wait
lonely men on night roads seduce them and then cruelly
kill by drinking all the blood.

And one of these terrible creatures, according to anonymous Asian,
can be seen in the frames below. Video demonstrates
a little indonesian girl who sings on the nursery
counted up: “Miss Dini, come to me, Miss Dini.” Exactly
local children are called kuntilanak. At the 8th second you can see
tall human silhouette with long black hair
flashed behind the baby. Alleged foreigner
moves unnaturally fast and does not seem to walk or run, but
slides on the floor. Equipped ghost woman in just white outfit like
and put kuntilanakam.

Some netizens assume that we have a mother
девочки, однако автор videoролика уверяет, что семья ребенка
refutes this. Native babes, they say, were very scared
the incident continued to prohibit her from uttering a frightening count.
By мнению других скептиков, это был всего лишь человек в

Do you think there are ghosts or not? It’s not even a matter of
how they are called in a particular locality, country, and why they
appear and how to manifest themselves. And whether to call them as
happened in this case, even in jest, even playfully? Not even believing
in all this devilry …

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