Animals sometimes demonstrate realmiracles

And although our site is not about animals, but users
resource, it is true, have noticed that animals, birds, insects are often
becomes the object of attention from the authors of our materials –
articles, seemingly devoted mainly paranormal phenomena.
Can animals be supernatural?

Even as they can, when they suddenly commit absolutely no
their actions, for example, become too clever for
of their own kind or let’s say their behavior is so surprising
man that he immediately grabs the video camera in order to capture
all this in the future to boast a miracle seen.

Итак, предлагаем вам два видеосюжета о таких miraclesх, которые
they give us (in this case) the animal and poultry, although
Insects are capable of such “tricks”, and even single-celled
(although the latter surprise only scientists).

Raccoon 20 hours climbed on a sheer wall on a skyscraper

In the American city of St. Paul, Minnesota, noticed
animal that behaved in a very unusual way.
Raccoon Raccoon, as it was nicknamed by locals and journalists,
more than 20 hours climbed over the sheer wall of a 25-story skyscraper
financial holding company “UBS”. Almost the whole day animal
consistently climbed the building from time to time
stopping to take a break on the eaves. Professionals can not
explain this raccoon behavior.

Many townspeople at the sight of such a bizarre and at the same time
frightening pictures began to call rescuers, but they preferred not to
to intervene, because they were afraid that they would only prevent the “shaggy
industrial climber “and provoke his fall. But when
the raccoon safely reached the roof, he was lured by a delicacy and caught,
releasing subsequently at will.

The brave little animal has become a real star of American news and
social networks, however, the fruits of their fame, in contrast to the various
extreme people, he is unlikely to reap. At least roll in
he has not been invited to advertise or speak in talk shows. Or maybe he
still come back and show something like that, but something worse? ..

The most comfortable place to sleep chicken is not to roost

Presented just below the video for the day gathered at
Vietnamese Facebook page with almost two million views and
decent amount of comments. But it is captured
an ordinary chicken from among those who hold it, right, each
villager of Vietnam.

However, in this case, the owner of the coop, who is used to seeing
chickens on the nest or (in the daytime) in the dust, buried in
she, like a feather bed, found one of his crested knots … floating in a pelvis
with water.

It is clear that the Vietnamese at first even got scared that the chicken
drowned, but, having looked narrowly, I realized that she just floats on her back
and … asleep. Unsure of his discovery (sleeping on the water
chicken – nonsense!), the man realized that all this must be removed
on video. In any case, the chicken will not be worse off
alive or already dead.

On the video, it is noticeable that the chicken is swimming, lying on the water up
paws, giving no signs of life. But the owner begins
tapping on the water with your palm, creating discomfort in the pelvis – and
the chicken finally wakes up, shakes itself and then gets out
from the vat.

Pay attention to her dissatisfied “look” (about this eloquently
says all her behavior), she obviously sweetly slept in a basin of water and
I did not expect from the owner such arrogant behavior. Nothing,
soothes her Vietnamese, it can always be repeated, not true

Do you think it will be a way to rest for the chicken
traditional? And other herons will follow her example.
this Vietnamese aviary?

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