Anomalies of the inaccessible Mount Kankar-Punsum

The top of Kankar-Punsum (in a different interpretation of its translation
called Gangkhar-Puenzum) still remains impregnable for
climbers. This is the highest mountain in the kingdom of Bhutan, its height
7570 meters above sea level, and this peak is at its height
considered to be the fortieth in the world.

But why is he still disobedient? To begin with, this
the mysterious mountain was mapped only in 1922, and even then
inaccurate, since the first cartographic expedition this peak
in general, in some fantastic way I did not notice, as I did not find
Kankar-Punsum and the first team of climbers who decided to conquer
impregnable peak. That is why the sacred mountain of Kankar-Punsum even
considered to be “floating”, it is mapped for this reason
not accurate, why between Bhutan and China is still a dispute, whose
she is.

Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan has opened its mountains for climbers
only in 1983, in 1985-86, did Kankar-Punsum try to subdue
several teams of climbers, but all these attempts were not crowned
success: the peak seemed not to let the people, arranging the weather right there
and even mystical anomalies. In 1994, the government of Bhutan
banned climbing to peaks over 6000 meters, and since 2004,
the kingdom in general, mountaineering is banned because it
�”Contrary to local beliefs and traditions.”

Ufologists immediately stated that the authorities of Bhutan reinforced the suspicion
the researchers that aliens are associated with the mountain Kankar-Punsum.
The fact is that the locals are constantly watching flights here
mysterious silver disks. By the way, from the local dialect name
peaks is translated as “the white peak of the three godbrothers”, therefore
Ufologists believe that in the depths of the mountains are located the bases of three
alien races. It is the aliens who are not allowed on their “sacred”
mountain climbers (see about this video below).

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