Anomalous rock lays stone “eggs” inChina

A small remote village in southeastern China found itself in
the center of attention of the press because of the anomalous rock that is

Locals claim that approximately every 30 years from
the rocks fall kind of stone “eggs”. Mass of one such
�”Eggs” can reach 300 kilograms. They are slow over 3
decades, grow out of the breed, ending up on the ground.
The villagers pick up these artifacts and store them as great values,
as good luck talismans. Despite what is about it
a phenomenon known here for a long time, world journalists drew on him
attention only lately.

Striking “egg laying rock”

While scientists can not say with absolute precision, what
is the secret of the so-called “egg-laying rock”, or
Chan-dan. Unusual mountain is located in the village of Gulu Jai
Guizhou Province. Kam-Suu people Shuytsy live in this populated
paragraph for more than a millennium, and observations of the wonder-rock
go back centuries. �”Eggs” grow on the part of the steep
a slope having a height of 6 meters and a width of 20 meters. This place
truly unique because in other parts of the mountain like
phenomena have never been observed. The Chinese are convinced that this
divine phenomenon.

Villagers also believe that rounded stones bring them
great luck In particular, a couple with such
talisman, only boys must be born, which is considered to be
PRC is a great boon. Villagers have already collected about a hundred in their homes.
such artifacts. The diameter of each “egg” is from 30 to 60
centimeters. Shuitsy stand in line for the stones and wait for many years
until the “mature eggs” fall out of the rock. It is reported that artifacts
may have yellow, black, dark blue, brown, maroon or
gray color. What it depends on, nobody is able to

Possible explanations for the anomaly

Geologists have tried to find a rational explanation for what is happening.
According to one of the hypotheses, “eggs” are blocks of carbonate
calcium formed 500 million years ago during
Cambrian period. It is believed that in this region then
there was a sea that eventually turned into high mountains.
The boulders froze in a softer clayey rock and now under
the impact of some underground factors gradually go to
surface. And the oval shape of the stones, they say, is due to the fact that
the sphere has the smallest surface area and carbonate molecules
Calcium is easier to assemble in such forms.

More supernatural theories are being advanced. For example, about
that these artifacts were left on our planet by any
aliens. Residents of Gulu-zha agreed that there will be no eggs
leave the village, however a few stones were still sold and
stolen from here. Alternative researchers who got to them
access, analyzed artifacts and concluded that, in addition to
calcium carbonate, there are traces of other substances in the lumps,
which may be of extraterrestrial origin. Another hypothesis
states that the “eggs” were made by representatives of some ancient
civilizations are probably comparatively developed.

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