Anomaly in the brain of the Irish hit doctors

Doctors from Northern Ireland were amazed when they examined
recently an 84-year-old patient referred to them with discomfort.
Having a magnetic resonance imaging of the head of a man, doctors
unexpectedly discovered that he lacks a part of the right frontal
brain lobes. Instead, she was airborne in the pensioner’s skull.
pocket. Then the doctors determined that a fragment of the brain was actually
the patient did not disappear anywhere, but was amused towards this abnormal

Hospital staff offered the patient to conduct a complex
operation to eliminate the air pocket, but the man refused
from surgical intervention. According to the pensioner, for his
age, he usually feels very well and not
intends to put his life at risk, lying under a scalpel. TO
Fortunately, the Irish’s poor state of health soon disappeared, and now
moment he does not experience any discomfort associated with
its abnormal health condition.

It should be noted that anomalies with the brain and even the absence
such are found in the world, however, people with such disabilities
live a normal life without feeling any comfort. They even
can think normally without a brain (read on our website
extensive article on this topic), why we can conclude: a lot,
what a person is endowed with, say, his unique abilities, memory,
finally, it is outside the physical body, which proves
for example, Eastern wisdom and esoteric knowledge. Therefore the case
with the Irish only additional confirmation of this, although surprising
he is not a materialist physician …

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