Another “alien” pattern on the fieldappeared in England

Ufologists sound the alarm: England, they said, befell the present
alien invasion. Recently, there is always someone here
skillfully and imperceptibly creates crop circles, and their occurrence does not
can be explained neither by concerned law enforcement officers, nor by annoyed
such miracles orthodox scientists.

The alleged message of aliens demonstrates perfectly
an even ring in which four smaller circles are inscribed
connected by three lines. This image is also superimposed drawing
in the form of a kind of screw with three blades. While ufologi and others
researchers of supernatural phenomena are not able to explain
what does this mean. Alas, the meaning of almost all the masterpieces in the fields and
remains an absolute mystery to humanity.

However, the parapsychologist and writer S.N. Lazarev is easily explained, and
who makes these circles and how does he manage to create them
imperceptibly, and most importantly – why there is no sense in logically understanding that in
those messages are encrypted. The fact is that these “letters” writes
a scholar, from our more advanced parallel worlds, letters to
energy level, and they just clean earthlings, penetrating into our
subconscious (read more about this in the article of our site
�”Drawings in the fields”). Unfortunately, Sergei Nikolaevich does not explain
What is it that our parallel counterparts liked England so much? ..

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