Another explanation of what constitutescrop circles

Загадочные crop circles давно привлекают внимание
researchers of all stripes and levels. But if orthodox scholars
try to shine all this up to a joke of mystifiers (and even
come up with such), then independent seekers of truth of a very different
opinions about these “arts”.

We already wrote that Sergey Nikolaevich Lazarev,
psychic writer, explorer of the divine essence of man and
его кармических привязок в этом мире, считает, что crop circles —
these are messages to us from other worlds. Messages in the form of symbols,
since higher entities, on the one hand, cannot communicate with
us on our earthly language (on any), but on the other – do not have
right, although in every way they try to help us, to reach our
�”Impenetrable stupidity.”

Today we will tell you about the interpretation of crop circles of the famous
Russian explorer of extraterrestrial civilizations (in more detail
see about this video below) Pavle Haylov, who does this
interesting business for more than twenty years.

Immediately make a reservation that we have selected only two fragments from his
many crop circles explanations, since the essence of these interpretations
one and the same – these are symbolic messages to us from the highest
civilizations. Another thing is that the characters can be interpreted as you like,
however, those who send them, apparently, expect that, on the one
side, in our world there will definitely be Pavly Haylov and them
similar, but on the other – the circles themselves carry not only information as
wrote Sergey Lazarev, but also the energy sector, harmonizing our

So, in the first picture, which appeared in 1991
(United Kingdom, Iklton district) Paul saw the following:

Our whole universe is subject to divine love,
which is indicated in the figure by the heart. Around this love
grouped (drawn by it) numerous worlds that
form a brotherhood of already enlightened civilizations (circles of different
quantities). Earth, as can be seen from the diagram, is designated as a small
circle, which is cut off from this fraternity, and therefore is in
Away from Divine Love. However, two circles (two civilizations
already fully enlightened beings) aspire to the Earth, stretch it
helping hand.

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