Another flash on the sun: what to expectfarther?

Yesterday another flare on the Sun was recorded, though its strength
ten times weaker than the one that occurred on September 6, and therefore a new
solar explosion assigned index – M8.1. This was reported
NASA press service.

The second flash occurred at the same place of the Luminary, where the first,
and since the beginning of the week – this is the sixth ejection of the coronal mass.
Employees of the Laboratory of X-ray Astronomy of the Sun FIAN
(Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences) clarified that the speed
plasma cloud, in general, thrown out of our star over the last
the time turned out to be much higher than the researchers of the Luminary expected.
Therefore, a blow to our blue planet also turned out significantly
more powerful than scientists predicted.

However, you should not be afraid yet, for example, even the flash X9.3,
which occurred on September 6, in its power is three times inferior
record X28, which flared in the sun in November 2003. Thats
there have been worse times, and somebody remembers that November “solar

However, if you dig deeper into history, the most dangerous
an event of this kind occurred in 1859, called
Carrington. Geophysicists classify it today by power
approximately on the X100 index. Thatsгда британский астроном Ричард
Carrington was among the first to notice unusual spots on
The sun, which eventually gave rise to the most powerful solar flare,
recorded in the history of the modern world.

As evidenced by the documentary data of the time, through
seventeen hours after coronal mass ejection, the night over many
areas of the earth turned into a day so light it became from
crimson splashes of the northern lights. The telegraph stopped working, from
sparks rained down …

By the way, NASA experts have long been predicting the second for us.
Carrington tragedy, and, in their opinion, it can be
even stronger, why the impact on the electromagnetic field of the Earth will be
so powerful that all electrical networks will fly – and our
the planet will plunge into the terrible darkness of Egypt … In the nineteenth century
humanity can be said to be lucky because it is on
the moment has not reached too high a technical level of development.
The telegraph, which has failed, is in general a trifle …

However, the Carrington solar flare, as it turned out, was not
the limit for our Luminary. As proved by the Japanese professor Fusa
Miyake (Fusa Miiyak), studying sections of the ancient trees of Europe, in
The Middle Ages (approximately 775 year), most likely, occurred even
stronger solar tragedy – mega flash power as
minimum x2000. This is evidenced by the radioactive isotope of carbon-14 in
wood, the content of which in that year increased by 20 times.

According to NASA astrophysicist Stephen Drake (Stefan Drake),
studying star flares in the DG CVn system, in our Galaxy
occasional coronal mass ejections occur up to
X100000, carrying their apocalyptic planets. Our sun is nothing
different from other luminaries, and therefore we are not immune from
similar disasters …

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