Another look at what constitutesmysterious chupacabra

On the mysterious Chupacabra, you can write books, and as a scientific,
and fiction novels and horror films (as well as shoot later on them
relevant films). No one really knows what kind of beast and
where did he come from. And there is a chupacabra around the world, but
catch her, even kill or at least take a video in good
quality, still can not anyone.

Hence all sorts of legends and theories. Rationalists are credited
similar attacks to various wild animals, but none
the assumption is not consistent, since there are no animals in nature,
very strong, agile and fast-moving, quite large and
possessing a mind commensurate with the human. Besides,
who drank only blood from their victim
it is delicate that a drop will not fall to the ground – and this in spite of
certainly night hunt …

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