Another major breakthrough in the development of solarenergy

The most significant disadvantage of any alternative (green,
renewable energy is considered the impossibility of its effective
accumulation, and neither wind turbines nor solar panels turn off on
time is impossible (or rather, problematic). However in the present
moment the Swedish scientists seem to have found a way out at least that
concerns the energy of the sun.

They learned to turn this energy into an energetic fluid,
which can then be stored for up to 20 years and more.
The researchers managed to create a unique molecule consisting of
hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen, the bond in which changes under
exposure to sunlight, thereby translating it into
isomer energy storage luminary.

In the future, such a unique storage device in the form of a liquid can
not only easy and long to store solar energy, but also without problems
give it away in the form of heat. For this isomer is enough to put in
special catalyst. One more indisputable advantage of such
storage – it is stored at room temperature …

This is a strange, strange sun.

By the way, as for the energy of the Sun, the Light itself, as
Scientists assure (in particular, astronomers and conspiracy therapists), behaves
Recently, very strange, but because gives us not only
cheap energy (and life in general), but it also makes you seriously
think, because it easily breaks that layer of astronomical
knowledge, which each of us receives even in school years
(see about this video).

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