Another scary crack in the ground is now inArgentina

Many prophets are among the signs of the approaching Apocalypse.
called ubiquitous soil cracking. It is this process
Today it is observed in many countries of the world. Last bell about
similar incident came from Argentina.

Here, a giant crack in the ground appeared the other day in the province
Entre Rios, capturing the city of Diamante, threatening to completely absorb
him. And although today residents are only evacuated with more than forty
houses of this locality, which are practically on
the edge of the resulting failure, everything goes to the fact that this
disaster will be for the local population is much more serious than
geologists think about it.

No wonder that the mayor of the city Leniko Aranda advised fellow citizens
leave the area of ​​Cristo Pescador, where this crack appeared,
which currently continues to grow, reaching almost a hundred
fifty meters long and more than forty meters deep.

We do not know, says Aranda, when critical
for a city the rift of the earth, it can happen in a day, two, and
maybe earlier, that is, at any moment the city is ready to go underground,
therefore, it’s best to get away from sin.

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