Another scientific evidence that plantspossess consciousness

It seems that scientists have already gathered enough evidence that
растения possess consciousness, конечно, не таким логическим
thinking that we are used to (it is not even inherent
most intelligent animals), and, nevertheless, representatives of the flora
also aware of themselves, can communicate, fall asleep and, as it turned out,
even fall into anabiosis.

Introduce anesthetics as anesthesia to the plants came to mind
researchers recently, biologists at the University of Bonn
decided to see what happens. Uploading the air in
incubator with pea tendrils, soaked with lidocaine stems
cress, entering into a narcotic sleep Venus flytrap, scientists
saw that all these plants soon ceased to respond to
external stimuli. But as soon as the narcosis passed, the green
plantings returned to “consciousness” again.

Having published the results of this research in a scientific publication
Annals of Botany, employees of the University of Bonn, on the one hand,
once again proved that the plants are not so far behind us in
in terms of consciousness (we have a lot in common in the perception of the surrounding
world and even in social adaptation), but on the other – such
the experiment, as scientists believe, will in the future allow physicians better
understand the huge variety of anesthetics used
today during surgeries. That’s what it says about everything.
This doctor František Baluska:

As it turned out, the plants are almost no different from animals, and
It means from a person, although earlier we thought quite differently.
Representatives of the flora are complex organisms, which, like us,
experiencing not only pain, but also joy, fear, sadness, and many
other emotions (for sure, even love, but what about without it in this
divine universe?), which for some reason are attributed only
man (or, at least, attributed earlier). Ability
plants lose consciousness under the influence of drugs, proves
they have the same consciousness as animals. No one today
will not tell one hundred percent that tomorrow we will not learn to communicate
with plants and asking them questions “directly” …

By the way, spiritual people are about this (human communication with plants)
have been spoken for many millennia. Really, modern man
it’s destined to go through the path already passed by its ancestors, only
now with the help of a rather primitive empirical knowledge of this
the world? Apparently, the Universe for something needs it: first drop
humanity back then allow it to collect lost knowledge
bit by bit …

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