Another time traveler – nowfrom the age of dinosaurs

Recently, the Internet appears more and more.
materials about time travelers, as if bursting somewhere,
why many users of the World Wide Web make an unequivocal
Conclusion – all this fashion fake. Like, on aliens already so
You will not earn high dividends, but so far on such videos,
you are welcome.

However, there is another opinion about these materials: just
Our society is already ripe for such travel. After all, they happened
before, mostly, of course, spontaneously, although there were
targeted movement of people in our era, for example, is
regards to Andrew Karlsson, who arrived in our time to
earn money on stocks, knowing in advance their encoding. However,
there were quite a few such travelers from the future in history, and they all
completely disappeared in those or other military departments, if not
managed to “dissolve in the air”, that is, return to your

However, it is precisely the fact that such people immediately found themselves in the hands of
military, can serve as indirect evidence that
time travel – not fiction, but quite a fantastic car
possibly already invented (or derived from such

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