Another “time traveler” showedsnapshot from the future

The man said he was a time traveler. This
the individual tells that he has been, almost, in the year 10,000 and
managed to deliver a futuristic photograph from the distant future
cities in which people live side by side with aliens. Journalists
news portal “ApexTV” were forced to go to Greece,
to interview this who wished to remain anonymous
person He chose to name himself Mark.

Mark, a student of physics, says it all started in 2008
the year when he came to America to continue his education. There
he met a professor who is today one of the best physicists
the planets. This ученый предложил нашему юному герою воспользоваться
a time machine that moves a person into the future and ensures
him a safe return back to the present. Professor reported
to the Greek that the car is ready to send a man exactly in
10,000 year and return back, but this requires a volunteer.
Mark did not immediately agree to this proposal, but in the end
He agreed, although he did not fully believe in the possibility of such a miracle. But
what can’t you do for the sake of science? ..

In the distant future

The young man was put on a metal chair and fastened
straps, a miniature camera was built into the button.
There was a powerful flash of light, and our hero was sucked into
pitch darkness. He was very pained, as if everything was burning
inside. When Mark woke up, he was surrounded by outlandish
plants that have never seen before. He looked up and
I saw a lot of skyscrapers – so high that they were not
seen end in a cloudless sky. The whole land was covered with grass,
flowers and other green areas, there were no roads anywhere,
space or cars. Instead vehicles flew
high in the sky.

The Greek claims that he then allegedly noticed a humanoid with
disproportionately large head and black eyes, which
accompanied by an unknown animal. Guest from the past did not understand
whom exactly did you meet: an evolved relative or
representative of an extraterrestrial civilization. Mark had only one hour
to walk around and watch the surrounding it
reality, finally documenting your movement
time in the photo, as the professor explained to him that in the future
time flows much faster than today and the traveler will begin
rapidly grow old. Our hero found out that the city has a name.
Hoverger, and it was the first settlement that humanity
rebuilt after the Great War. Mark met a man who
told him all this and said that his age is over 300
years, although in appearance he was no more than 40. Then everything turned sharply black, and
Our hero instantly returned to his 2008 year.

What if time travel has always existed?

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