Another version of what constitutesplanet nibiru

Despite the fact that none of the astronomers Nibiru had never seen
(at least, none of the world luminaries in this field of science
confesses to that), about the mysterious planet on the Internet for now
a few years are not just talk, but the hottest debate.
Moreover, various theories, assumptions are being made,
documentaries, and so on. And recently Planet
X strongly scared the public, predicting the imminent Apocalypse,
caused just by the approach of Nibiru with the Earth. Moreover, constantly
even the specific dates of the planetary collision are called,
For example, September 22 this year.

But not only astronomers, ufologists and
conspiracy therapists. Let’s get an opinion on this.
esoteric. Calling none of these philosophers specifically by name,
simply express a collective version of those who often
Appeals for secret knowledge not to the cosmos and not to some
specific historical, scientific works, and directly to the database
Universe (methods of obtaining such knowledge from the Universal “library”
each esoteric their own).

So, according to esoteric, Nibiru really exists,
however, it is not a planet in the understanding that this word
put astronomers. Nibiru – infernal formation, clot
energy that can really fly into the solar system
and destroy the earth. For example, the Hellenic philosophers called her
Nemesis, rightly identifying with the goddess of retribution.

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