Antarctica and Australia are connected by underwaterby tunnels

Virtual archaeologists are making all the new shocking discoveries.
Now famous Neil Evans, who owns the YouTube channel Disclose
Screen This tireless researcher came across
Google Earth Map Service on mysterious lines, very
similar to underwater tunnels connecting the most mysterious
mainland of our planet Antarctica with Argentina and Australia.

Evans’ online video shows
a whole network of lines that stretch from Antarctica to Australia and
America, and, as Nil is sure, like many others.
online archaeologists, nature simply cannot create geometrically
direct “outlines”. The question arises: who made them? After all, if
these are really underwater (underground – under the ocean) tunnels, then
they could build only a higher civilization than ours.

Some users are wondering why no one before Evans
noticed these lines. Neil explains that they are not just visible on
map service, for this he had to google options
Earth to remove all the “water” – and then it appeared this mysterious
submarine (underground) tunnels.

Internet users were shocked by what they saw
the author. However, some “experts” said that there is no
no wonder, they say, our planet is completely dug up underground
tunnels that connect cities and countries, why shouldn’t they be
and under the oceans? But with the fact that it can not be natural
Education, agreed almost everything, except for the most
impenetrable pessimistic materialists.

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