Antarctica throws us anotherthe riddle

Virtual archaeologists have long been chosen by Antarctica, as
the most mysterious territory of the Earth that throws up such
riddles and surprises that cannot always be found even on the moon and

And because the mapping application Google Earth was for
such researchers are very familiar tools, and to
Antarctic they use this virtual tool of knowledge of the world
far more often than to any other point of our planet, looking here
another sensation.

And such a sensation, more often than not, is not long in coming.
Another mystery of the ice continent was on the South
the pole near the Queen Maud Land. Thawed ice and snow opened
there is something strange here — either an aircraft or some kind of
construction, but the object is clearly man-made and does not belong to
one terrestrial polar expedition.

As the researchers determined, a mysterious object has a length of
107 meters and 74 meters wide. More on this sensational
Find a UFOmania video on YouTube. The authors themselves
suggest that this unit is buried here for many centuries

Commentators mostly agree with virtual archaeologists.
Firstly, there are a lot of mysteries in the world, and secondly, Antarctica –
poorly known continent, where the ancient could well be hiding
civilization of the Earth, say, the same Atlantis. And finally, all these
surprises made possible by the melting of glaciers at the South Pole.
And, of course, thanks to modern technology, say,
same Google Earth service …

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