Ants easily use math

It seems incredible, but as proved by scientists of Technological
institute from New Jersey, the algorithms used by ants,
overcoming air barriers and building “living bridges”, very similar
on math.

Imagine: the first ant faces empty
space in its path, it freezes for a while, as if
gives a command to build a “live bridge”, and then the ants will
chain clamber over each other, building dynamic
structures that allow the colony to move by the shortest paths,
saving time and effort.

At first glance it seems, what does mathematics have to do with it? But
the researchers went further, creating different in their complexity
obstacles for ants, for example, a V-shaped figure. And what?
Insects not only easily overcame them, but also accurately counted.
optimal construction of the “bridge” and even how much you need to use
for this “living bricks”. And they did it as much as possible.
quickly, as if using to miscalculate options, at least
high-speed computer. Scientists also noticed that for
movement through such obstacles ants can use up
20 percent of builders at the same time of the total

Of course, nothing new, it seems, American researchers
not discovered, because about the collective mind of insects, say, those
many bees (and not only insects) are written in the scientific world
works. But сам коллективный разум до сих пор поражает
researchers because it is not clear where he is and why
so perfect? Just a biological computer! True,
esoteric knowledge opens the veil, saying that man does not
he is free in himself, because he is led through this or that life
energy egregors. Apparently, the collective mind of ants
It has the same energetic nature, but unlike man,
insects are more disciplined and executive “soldiers” of these
invisible puppeteers, which is why there is more order in an anthill than in
any of our states. Although among the ants of various “countries”
there are wars too. In general, life is like life …

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