Ants who torture their prey

Ants are very interesting creatures. On our portal we
told, for example, about the wars that they arrange, as with
In this they capture their enemies (other ants) and transform
their slaves.

Nothing like? But it turns out some of the species of ants
would like to torture their victims by creating real
torture devices. These insects include ants Azteca
brevis. This species was discovered in 1999 in Costa Rica.
(Piedras Blancas National Park). However, only recently
We saw that these ants have sadistic inclinations,
what was immediately told to the readers of the Biological Journal
Linnean society. This is what the researcher says
of the discovered Marcus Schmidt phenomenon:

We were extremely surprised and even puzzled to receive such
the results of the experiment. Moreover, some researchers do not
they believed in all this, why they went to the park on their own,
to repeat it. And they made sure that Azteca brevis is not
very common insects of the ant family. They really don’t
they just kill their victims, and they torture and torture them before that.
Real sadists!

But another researcher writes about these insects –
University of Toulouse in France Alain Dejean:

These ants create special holes in the branches of plants, in
who are sitting in ambush, waiting for prey (leaf-cutting ants,
grasshoppers, etc.), which is often 50 times more than a single
an ant As soon as the victim sits down next to him, the ants simultaneously
jump out of hiding and grab her, then start slowly
stretching, slowly tearing apart, as if really
tortured and tortured. This process can take up to two hours and

Scientists add that this creepy process is very similar
medieval torture device – the rack.

However, as it turned out, the ante Azteca brevis are not the only ones in
their kind of sadists, another of their kind – Allomerus decemarticulatus –
uses similar methods of hunting for its prey with the subsequent
�”Torture” her. However, these choose a sacrifice that may exceed
individual ant hundreds of times. Unusual inclination to torture
This species of ant was noted in 2006.

Currently, as the Biological Journal article writes
Markus Schmidt, the scientists conducted a special investigation, and not
discovered in nature more ants prone to sadism, except here
these two kinds.

Interesting yet creation – ants, interesting and very
cruel “guys” But not yet …

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