Apocalyptic sounds from the sky over Canada andIndonesia

Why these terrible trumpet sounds were not heard before, say,
in the last century, and why they are distributed in one or the other
point of the globe in our time?

Now the “sky tubes” have frightened the people of Canada and Indonesia,
who thought that the last days of our existence were coming,
and the angels announce, as it is written in the Bible, about the coming
Antichrist and the beginning of the Apocalypse.

The trumpet call from the sky was heard on November 2 of this year by Canadians
Calgary and Alberta, and, according to witnesses,
one record will not convey that terrible feeling when you
perceive the heavenly voice, as they say, with all your gut,
because those sounds permeate a person to his every cell.

Approximately the same feelings were experienced the same day before by the residents
many areas of Indonesia. And although unlike more
�”Civilized” Canada, there is not so much scared as
marveled at this mysterious phenomenon, numerous videos about
what happened, appeared on the Internet, speak for themselves:
people perceive the trumpet sounds from the sky unequivocally – as signals
Higher forces.

And whatever the scientists say about this, their words seem
baby talk as they are not confirmed by practice and do not give
The answer to the main question is why today, when the world became
so fragile and unstable, were born apocalyptic sounds, about
which Christians knew a thousand years ago?

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