Apparatus NASA InSight successfully “primaritsya”

NASA Mars InSight automatic station not only successfully
primarilas, but already transferred to Earth the first picture, as
it says literally right after landing. NASA staff,
who carried out the adjustment of this epoch-making, according to
in the US, events, of course, received a photo only a few
minutes, because the signal from Mars goes to us for quite a long time – this
not even a connection with the moon.

While in the picture nothing remarkable – just stones in the haze
dust, which raised the device during landing. But as Bruce stated
Banerdt – NASA Science Marshall Research Program Manager,
everything will start in just a few weeks, namely the first
seismic exploration of mars.

At the moment, the module is waiting for dust to settle, so that
uncover solar panels. Communication with the station will be carried out
both directly and through two microsatellites – Mars Cube One,
which are left in the orbit of the Red Planet.

Despite the fact that the first shot from Mars, made by Mars
InSight has aroused great interest in the online community, many
World Wide Web users are disappointed. Can,
Elysian plain at the equator of Mars, where the module was landed
InSight was not so panoramic (but it was not chosen by chance
American scientists are the best place to study seismic
activity of the planet), or the Martian
the dust “spoiled” the first impression from the first photo.

But most importantly, as it turned out, ufologists immediately suspected this
The picture shows another NASA space mystification. According to
independent space explorers, the most simple and logical
it would be justified to show pictures of the InSight approach to Mars. But
for some reason this did not happen, but for the world community here
they threw a “brain bone” – a rarity shot made
rover “Phoenix” (where such information from ufologists,

Where is the Mars InSight station really down? And here
Opinions ufologov and konspirologov divided. Some believe that
InSight launch from the very beginning was planned for the mysterious planet
Nibiru – there is a probe and arrived. Others believe that Americans
never fly anywhere – neither to the moon nor to mars, but all of them
space missions are sheer lies and public relations.

From this point of view, they say, the anecdote is very indicative,
very much like the truth. When visitors to the American Museum
astronautics, seeing there Apollo landing modules, which allegedly
US astronauts used to fly to the moon, wondering how on
such cans (made practically from foil) can
it was to get to Selena and come back still alive, not burnt from
solar radiation, employees of the institution reasonably respond:
astronauts flew at night …

However, time, as the wise say, will put everything in its place
(after all, about the mysterious Mars, trying to explore and even colonize
his – the mass of conflicting materials, especially on the Internet).
However, we note that the head of the corporation “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin,
the other day talking about the planned Russian moon mission in the coming
years, unambiguously hinted that in the course of her people, finally,
find out whether the Americans were on the moon or not. And if not there, but
and nowhere they were, it will be clear to the hedgehog …

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