Archaeologists found a unique statuette in Kerchgod of silence

In the southern part of the Crimean city of Kerch, where in antiquity in Tavria
was the ancient city of Tiritaka of the Bosporian kingdom, archaeologists
discovered a unique bone statuette that the ancient Greeks
(as then among the ancient Romans) symbolized Harpocrates – the god
silence, which is usually depicted as a crowned boy
with a finger at the mouth. From here, by the way, and our modern gesture in the form
application of the index finger to the lips – as a sign of silence.

The bone object is dated to the first century BC, it is made of
bones of an animal (scientists have not yet determined), and
very skillfully, since it depicts a circular composition with
multi-pattern relief. Harpocrates himself is depicted on the statuette as
naked boy with a cornucopia, next to him are two satyrs and a goose.
All this is preserved so well that the researchers were
literally amazed by this amazing discovery of antiquity.

Note that the excavations of cities (today – settlements) once
the mighty Bosporan kingdom of the peninsula of Crimea lead
archaeologists of the same name expedition of the Center for Research of Antiquities
Foundation “Demeter”. They, by the way, on the Kerch Peninsula, dug up in
Recently, many other valuable exhibits, however, in
they are mostly of interest not to the general public, but to
only for historians and other narrow circle of scientists, nevertheless all
this allows in general to reveal the secrets of the ancient world, among
which certainly there are those about which we do not even
guess …

By the way, how many of us know that the gesture of the application of a finger to
lips as a sign of silence comes from the ancient Greek god Harpocrates, and
he himself has origins in ancient Egypt, where he was considered the embodiment
god Horus, only in adolescence? ..

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