Archaeologists have found the remains of an ancient man underIrkutsk

This is not a small sensation, because in archeology
the discovery of the remains of a person who lived in ancient times – itself
by itself is considered a rare luck. And then – the bones of a man who
lived in Siberia more than fifty thousand years ago.

Immediately clarify that before it was thought that Siberia was inhabited
ancient people about ten thousand years ago
man came here from Europe or south Asia.

For this reason, this find of human remains in the parking lot
�“Tuyana”, which is located not far from modern Irkutsk, can
even close a certain gap in archeology by answering such
burning questions: when did people appear on the territory of Russia and
who they were Scientists are considering two main versions so far:

  • it may be the oldest Homo sapiens throughout
    Eurasian, which undermines the previous ideas about the periods of resettlement
    reasonable man on the continents;
  • discovery can be a real world sensation if
    it turns out that the remains belong to a new kind of person, yet
    Unknown science – this is also not excluded.

True, all this will open up to researchers when
genetics will decipher the DNA of human remains found in Siberia, and
also after more careful study of its habitat. Experts
We are confident that they are waiting for new surprises, because their plans – more
carefully examine not only the area around the parking lot
�”Tuyana”, but throughout the vast Tukinskaya valley. Archaeologists good
understand that Siberia as mothballed for millennia
territory, stores a myriad of ancient secrets.

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