Archaeologists of China found a new kind of hieroglyphicletters of ancient China

According to the news agency Xinhua, archaeologists
Jilin University University together with researchers
Inner Mongolia PRC discovered a completely new kind of Chinese
hieroglyphic writing – now on a broken pottery bowl,
which was extracted during excavations of the ancient city of the Middle Kingdom
Gao Jiatai.

Scientists have already determined that the age of these signs (four or three
individual hieroglyph) is not less than 4 thousand years, which means
that they are older than even the fortuneteering of jiaguven bones,
which were considered until now the most ancient hieroglyphs, and
not only China, but all of East Asia. That’s what he said on this
about the employee of the Institute of Archeology of Inner Mongolia, China Lien

We assumed that the divination inscriptions on the bones of “jiaguven”
whose age was estimated at 3 thousand years, written in times
the great Chinese dynasty Shang (1600-1027 BC), were
continuation (further development) of writing on ceramics, but until
Today, we did not have material evidence of this. AND
here it is finally found …

Paleographers of the National Museum of China confirmed
the assumption of archeologists that the found hieroglyphs are more than 4 thousand
years old. Scientists also clarified that mysterious signs, the meaning of which is still
not understood (this will have to work, although experts
assume that inscribed ceramic vessels were used throughout
the time of religious ceremonies), written in special ink
a brush of wool.

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