Archaeologists Yamal made a scientific discovery

And although this scientific discovery has not yet been made public, scientists
in the northern Yamal Peninsula are waiting for summer paleontologists from
Ekaterinburg, which should fix and confirm it. BUT
it consists in the following: in the Far North, and in particular on
territory of modern Yamal, people lived, at least, already 14
thousands of years ago.

Previously it was thought that this territory was for a long time completely
covered with ice, and only 5 thousand years ago began to penetrate here

However, today archaeologists of Yamal discovered the bones of a mammoth with
traces of their processing. BUT поскольку самим костям, как выяснилось, не
less than 14 thousand years, the conclusion suggests itself: already in that distant
time (Paleolithic) people lived here. They hunted mammoths,
woolly rhinos and other animals of this harsh region, and bones
used as tools, pre-processing them
for your specific needs.

Here is what the archaeologist Maria says about this

All this was made possible thanks to the project “The
Museum ”, which kaslaet (moves) along the shores of the small Ob, collecting
unique archaeological finds. They are happy to share
locals who have already accumulated a lot of this “good”.
For example, in one of the remote villages of Yamal, a local resident gave
�”The museum”, a bag of ancient animal bones –
it remains only to put all this in order and continue more
Detailed study of the life of an ancient person in the Arctic

This is confirmed by the restorer of natural ethnographic
Park Museum “Zhivun” Vladimir Permyakov:

Thanks to the project “The Museum of the Casting”
many bones, skulls of ancient animals that once roamed
this harsh edge. Now only their restoration will take several
months. BUT вот что они покажут — это пока настоящая тайна. but
today it is clear that a person settled here much earlier,
than previously thought. This is a real discovery for us and in general
for world history.

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