Are aliens on Mars guests or residents?

инопланетяне на марсе

Mysterious traces and a spring were discovered on Mars. This one
rare case when NASA not only discovered, but also told about
artifacts found worldwide. At the landing site
research apparatus owned by the american
space agency, it was discovered several mysterious
objects. First, it is a huge, like a snowman, trace. BUT
secondly, a small, metal-like, spring, lying
right next to the landing module. Of course, experts make a reservation about
that all this is hardly likely to indicate the presence
life on the red planet. They assume that a big mark is
not a trace at all, but a stone having a strange shape. BUT маленькая
the spring could fall off the casing, the one from which
a robotic arm came out. However, all this is only
assumptions and guesses, however, as well as the fact that aliens on
Mars has unusual finds that are small and weak, but all
same confirmation.

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