Are there aliens flyingobjects?

Летающие инопланетяне

The same question is asked by people from all over the planet: “And
существуют ли на самом деле инопланетяне летающие objects?»
There is no unequivocal answer to this very difficult question. but
There are a huge number of assumptions and hypotheses. That
there is some kind of extraterrestrial civilization, it was known back in ancient
time. Over the past years, about aliens collected more
half a million different testimonials and messages. For unidentified
objects are being monitored not only on continents, but also in
ocean waters and in space. Of course, many testimonies
insufficiently tested, sometimes distorted or falsified. But
however, there are a huge number of mass UFO sightings,
when the plate flew in front of the inhabitants of entire villages and
cities, passengers of planes of scientists and military, in whose
Objectivity no doubt. Therefore, the answer is obvious –
aliens are flying, as well as floating. The main thing to believe in
their existence and meeting will happen.

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