Are there aliens? Where have seen the aliensare people ever seen?

For many “earthlings”, sooner or later, the thought jumps:
are we in the universe? Are there aliens really? After all, given
the diversity of life on earth and the phenomenal ability of the earth
organisms to survival, then the existence of more intelligent beings
is in doubt. Perhaps this is just a collective subconscious,
who is eager to find something beyond and thereby diversify
your earthly life. Or maybe people just concentrated on it.
alien image all the fears and fantasies of people about extraterrestrial
civilizations. After all, the universe is essentially infinite, and it would be foolish
assume that humans are alone in it. Especially since we are simple
mortals are constantly facing and faced with something similar and
five, and ten, and twenty centuries ago, because the question is whether
aliens answer is one – of course there is, and soon we are with them
meet face to face.

Where have seen the aliens are people ever seen?

Is it true that people constantly see aliens?
fly to Earth? Maybe this is just a fantasy.
those who are bored to live? You shouldn’t be so skeptical about those who
I had to watch with my own eyes how the flying saucer is spinning
over your head, or like a big-headed alien slowly approaches,
takes you by the hand and leads you into the unknown. Therefore, before
to mock eyewitnesses, it is better to listen carefully to where
saw alien people, and how it happened. So,
the inhabitants of the earth met aliens from outer space on their doorsteps
houses, in the field, on vacation and even in bed. Aliens have seen
everywhere, both in dreams and in reality. Therefore, it is easier to say where
Alien creatures have not visited, than to describe those places where they
met people. Therefore, it is not necessary to build skeptical
smirks, and it is doubtful to nod your head because aliens
can see it and come to visit you not good

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