Are there any funny aliens?

They are often painted by children, books are written about them, poems are composed and filmed.
movie. Funny aliens – it’s just the fruit of human
fantasies or do they exist? If you look around
Yuri Petukhov’s famous classifier, once published in
�”Voice of the Universe”, then we can make sure that the fun and
there are no cheerful aliens in nature. Most of them, so
or else, served as evil and horrible beasts-eaters. Aliens not
just kill their victims, but hypnotize, scare, torture and
raped Among them, only a few species does not manifest to man.
no interest. But even such neutral aliens look
terribly and disgusting. Many experts do not really trust the data.
classifier from the “Voice of the Universe”. There are ufologists who generally
We are convinced that the character and appearance of the inhabitants of extraterrestrial
civilizations can not be determined because of their variability. Special
this is noticeable by the various visits of aliens, each of whom
has its own character. Of course, evolution is capable of many
quirks, and one must believe that somewhere there is a planet on which they live
cute and funny aliens.

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