Are wewolves roaming around Scotland?

In Britain today, their problems are no less strange and
mystical, as, indeed, throughout the whole world. Here, judging by
numerous articles and photographs distributed in
huge wolves, mysterious cats and even
werewolves (werewolves).

This summer, farmers in Scotland and northern England suddenly
mysteriously began to disappear pets, corpses
which are then found in a terrible form (disgraced to a disgrace
in the most incredible ways). The inhabitants of the cities in turn
home dogs and cats disappear without a trace.

What a terrible creature wandering at night in the Foggy Albion,
devouring whole dogs and cats, eating sheep in half, and with
horses are cracking down as if these are small sacrifices for such

As one of the evidence of such a terrible condition
�”Good old England”, we give the record that he made on his
smartphone night manager of one of the hotels in Scotland, Paul Naylor. 31
August this year, he heard a terrible howl at night deep
from the street, which literally shook the man. Paul even a few minutes
stood in a daze, unable to do anything, then hastily
hid in the building. And yet he took himself in hand, again went to
fresh air and tried to record mysterious night sounds on
gadget because I realized that otherwise in his story just no one

By the way, in this case, not everyone believes him, especially when Paul
says it was obviously a wolf howl. In this case, the specialists
begin to chuckle, since there is no
Wolves have been for hundreds of years: the Normans have killed them all. Naylor
offered to listen to the recording and experienced rangers, however they also
deny the involvement of the wolf in this terrible howl. Judging by the timbre
him, they say, he belongs to a larger beast, where
more than a wolf. But what kind of creature is this? Is it really
mystical werewolf?

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