Are women aliens? What are they?

женщина инопланетянка

American anthropologists based on cave studies
humans and ancient monkeys were found to have male
skeletons were straight erect when for female female skeletons
characteristic preferred movement on four limbs.
Some are prehistoric men, others are women. Aliens in
In this case, the men, since they can be traced more
progressive development. This single example is refuted by many
other facts that indicate that many women
aliens. This, of course, should include significant
physiological differences due to which women are characterized
higher life expectancy. More perfect looking
psycho-emotional features of female behavior. Their consciousness
can almost instantly switch from one subject
perception on the other and issue with a critical assessment
situations. Women have a higher social consciousness
which is expressed in colossal sacrifice. And for most
men are characterized by selfish behavior and narcissism. But
among them are representatives with advanced development. Completely
возможно, что такие мужчины тоже – aliens.

Aliens women – fatal seductress?

It is not at all a secret that among ordinary people
Земле проживают aliens. They take human form and their
completely impossible to distinguish from people. About half
The alien population is made up of female aliens. Discover
a woman of alien origin in a crowd of people can sometimes
right away They prefer to dress lightly, often do not follow
fashion earthlings. The hairstyle is also usually absent, the hair is not
well maintained and disheveled. Try to wear glasses with darkened
glasses that hide the shape of the pupils.

They are not round like those of people, but are cut vertically and
resemble feline. In communicating with people, keep cool
a certain distance. Women aliens, entering into a relationship with
men suck energy out of them. Because of this, earthly
men often get sick and even die.

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