Arevalli predatory fish – bird hunter and evendolphins

Who does not know that many birds hunt fish, and some
of them are floating on the surface of the sea, looking for prey, others
catch fish, as they say, on the fly, snatching it right out of the water in

However, it turns out, it happens the other way around, when predatory fish
hunt for birds floating and even flying over the water. By this
for example, the giant trevally (karangs) is a predator,
which can be called a real thunderstorm for marine birds.

This is a fish of very impressive size, reaching almost two
meters long and up to one hundred kilograms in weight, which is why
a tempting trophy for anglers.

Moreover, such a monster develops tremendous speed in water and is easy
jumps into the air, catching birds on the fly. Do not mind the Karangs
sneak up on floating birds, taking them by surprise.

By the way, for a long time all the talk about the hunting of this predatory fish on
birds were perceived as fishing fables, but at all
I recently managed to perfectly capture some (
moments of such a hunt – giant trevally on waterfowl
the birds.

Note that the Carangs prefers to hunt alone, however
sometimes, according to experts, these predators are suddenly (the reason
scientists have not yet established such a metamorphosis)
huge flocks reaching several thousand heads. And then a similar
the army of predators becomes very dangerous for many inhabitants
морей и океанов, в том числе и для dolphins, отдельных особей
which giant trevally can cornered and eat in
minutes away.

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